Salem and New England

15 Aug


After unsuccessful attempts at finding a campground that wasn’t insanely creepy or locked up- we have resigned to sleeping in the car in the parking lot of a potentially seedy bank. When you are a semi professional wimp, everything looks suspicious past 10pm. Plus we are in Salem, NY, which despite traveling about 10 hours is about 8 miles closer to California. We did get kitted up with snacks and camping essentials, have a gorgeous lunch with my dadio AND take 3 ferrys so that’s pretty grand. OMG- G is already heavy breath sleeping! Lucky man. Yogi too.
Kind of jealous Yogi has the only comfy bed in the joint and can pee anywhere he wants. I’m switching seats.

One Response to “Salem and New England”

  1. Jean-Noël Voirin August 17, 2012 at 6:17 pm #

    Over exposed I would say 😉

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