Birthday motel

28 Aug

On the 27th (my fabulous fabulous birthday) we woke up at bear lake and I lounged around like a queen while G packed the car and patted me on the head intermittedly to tell me how special and clever I am. We drove south. We stopped at a WholeFoods in Park City, Utah which was almost too much civilization to handle. Once we remembered how to wear shoes we went in and Guillaume bought me the most magnificent birthday feast breakfast including a generous selection of fruits, donuts and exotic coconut beverages. We then went to “Spring City” which G had diligently researched and was touted to be the 5th prettiest small town in America, and very mormon. Fun! Upon arriving things got a little hairy as the b&b planned was not as advertised (and all windows were sealed shut on account of painting) and the town was quite devoid of character. Coincidentally there was some convention in a nearby town so most everything was fully booked except for an extremely shady motel called “the iron horse”. Considering there were no other towns in a 3 hour radius and I was getting rather cranky driving with skunk dog in my personal space, we decided to embrace it. Three beers later it turned into a very happy occasion.


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