Coral Pink Sand dunes

29 Aug

Waking up at Calves Creek we took a hike that felt something like a Gilligans Island theme song, we ended up with a round trip of about 4 hours. The hike took the three of us through the heart of these gorgeous canyons, the desert heat was such a strong contrast after freezing our buns off in Yellowstone. One of the canyon walls had pictographs (drawings instead of carvings) that dated back over 800 years. Very neat. When Yogi started getting too toasty we took him to the creek where he would voluntarily wade in (this is big for a usually water phobic dog) and do the swim and drink at the same time. The hike ended at a 120ft waterfall that was something like a private paradise. After the hike we had another really tasty, really gourmet lunch in Boulder (crazy cute hippy towns??). We drove the rest of the best highway ever and I had that funny feeling that I could never see enough. You know what you start exploring and only then realize how much more there is to explore. Every canyon valley had its own little world that I want to know.
We stopped in some hodunk little towns on the way and wondered what life must be like there. The closest town over 1,000 people was a few hours away. We arrived at a park called “coral pink sand dunes” at dusk and found ourselves even further in the desert. We had instant noodles as an exotic treat which required a large amount of tinfoil ingenuity. We kept our tent zipped because apparently scorpions and rattle snakes abounded on the silky red sand. We went on a walk after dinner and found ourselves under the nearly full moon on beautiful desert sand dunes. Delicate desert flowers smiled at us in full bloom of the full moon. The energy and excitement of being in this new place had us running up and down the hills yelping like coyotes. Yogi too.











2 Responses to “Coral Pink Sand dunes”

  1. iLoveShelling August 31, 2012 at 9:19 pm #

    Love, Love this post! I’m not much of a desert person (maybe more like a dessert person) but this really does look and sound so exotic. And yall look so stinkin happy!


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