Driving into Los Angeles

3 Sep

As we drove West through the desert and the California foot hills I felt like a kid before the first day of school.
Excited. Apprehensive. Curious. I’ve lived in a variety of places, in a variety of countries but there is something powerful about arriving to your new home via a long road. There is a certain finality to it. Every other place had an expiration date tied to it, except for California.

We passed ghost towns and 50s diners but the highway continued to widen.
We got on Route 66 because that’s the only way to drive into LA but in my excitement we drove nearly an hour in the wrong direction. After a variety of hours and highways and on and off traffic we pulled over a hill in Hermosa beach and saw the Pacific Ocean. We opened the door to my car in my cousins driveway and we all rolled out with gumby legs.


One Response to “Driving into Los Angeles”

  1. Ngaere Macray September 3, 2012 at 11:09 pm #

    Don’t stop writing – were hooked. XXXN & D


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