My very first LA role!

8 Oct

What a week.. and a half. Booked two jobs and found a commercial agent. Don’t get your panties in a bundle one is a webisode (a show that is aired online) and one a USC student film BUT still. The web series is called Space Turkey and while still a little rough I think it has a lot of potential. It is a totally improvised show about a womanizing and idiotic space captain that is sometimes reminiscent of George Bush, only less tragic and more comical somewhere around the year 3,500. Besides characters and a vague story idea nothing else is established. Its Sci-Fi meets SNL.

So now I had to develop a character and a name and pretend I knew what I was doing. They clearly thought I had done this before, I was surprisingly fantastic in the audition and I put Groundlings on my resume, just neglected to mention I’ve only had one class. I mean this was a real production. The main actors had been in REAL movies and were talented! They had their own studio to shoot and full time writers and producers. Whhhhat. I mean don’t get me wrong, this is still a web series but there are a lot of shows going around now that started as such.
One of the producer even gave me a whole spiel about how Comedy Central was sniffing at making it a real series.

Luckily at this stage in my “industry” experience I’m pretty used to grandiose delusions, so I’m generally able to maintain a healthy level of skepticism. Hollywood talk that never happens only breaks my heart a little.
However, you never know. So the whole prospect was pretty exciting. I show up a few days later and am immediately feeling a bit off my mojo. I’m the new kid on the block and everyone seems to hold high expectations. Then they tell me, oh by the way, we shoot it live. What?! You forgot to mention the minuscule detail that my first improv job will be streaming live for all to see??! No pressure. So immediately my internal self curls up into a ball, not unlike a hamster trying to hide in the shaving mulch.

I start to wonder irrelevant things like how much caffeine I should drink?? Will I be awesome?? Will I start sweating profusely and mumble weird jokes?? The other actors are loose and fabulous, they are really good. The main two should have their own show, frankly. Being in a room with really funny people has its pros and cons. I’m immensely intimidated. Finally after notifying my mother and my room-mates (again I don’t want to burn all my bridges if I’m absolutely horrific), we start streaming live. Guillaume told me that at one point there were nearly 40,000 people watching. I’m glad he told me that after.

I was, pretty good, with no emphasis on the pretty, or good. I wasn’t nearly as charming and wonderful as I was in the audition BUT I didn’t crash and burn, yay! They will condense these four hours of live work into about a 30 minute show so all the while they are making adjustments and directing us (maybe at times a little too much as the actors seemed to condense afterwards). The main two totally stole the show, they have been working on it for two years and they are pretty much genius and I was a little envious at how well their chemistry flows. I played a 500 year old actress that the capitain has been in love with since a child. I floated between French- Russian and German accents (unintentionally). Speaking in a “theater voice” was a bit difficult for me considering I didn’t quite trust if the next thing to come out of my mouth would be totally ridiculous.

Fast forward, and I have yet to be asked back this week, though there was a rumor that they didn’t do a show at all. Either way, I’m pretty okay with being “pretty okay” this time considering I went from chocking on my own tongue in an audition to being streamed live infront of thousands of Sci-Fi nerds (all due respect) with no obvious blunders. I’ll let you know when the edited version is complete!

The other job I booked is for a USC short comedy about meditating. Sounds pretty clever. We shoot later this week. The best news about all this is that my auditions aren’t always terrible anymore! Because trust me, they were for awhile there. I would pull the hamster ball routine and squeak out my lines.

As for the commercial agent, I went with Sovereign because they seemed really excited about me and everything you’ve heard about an actors ego is true. Oh, and they are good. Yay! Now I just need a theatrical agent, and a manager, and new new head-shots, and a demo reel, and my SAG card and.. And… And..



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