A Day in the Life

29 Oct

My weekdays have become a pretty well oiled machine. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of waiting but there’s always stuff to do, which I love.
I wake up and check actors access, and submit myself for roles that I think are fitting. Usually nothing too exciting comes up on actors access because they would go straight to agents with those, but it’s great for practice and demo building and meeting people which is what I’m about.
If I have an audition, the rest of the day is consumed mostly by preparing for, driving to or waiting at said audition(s).
Commercial auditions are generally speaking way easier for me at this stage because its usually just you in the room with a camera dude. They put you on tape and send it to the client so you don’t have those peering judge mental eyes trying to devour your soul until the call back, at which point you already know your good. In a commercial audition it’s, just a dude with a camera who doesn’t really care that much. I guess its the same for the tv and movie roles but for me it’s mostly those hungry student film makers who can make the auditioning process as awkward as possible. Eight of them sit in on the room and have you sit in a single fold up chair 50 feet away from them. You sit and fidget and might try to crack a joke and theyll look first at eachother trying to determine the aprpriate thing to do before laughing politely. This all sets the stage for a fabulous audition. Then if you are lucky they will either chose someone to “read” with you who is completely monotone, doesn’t know the lines and is standing at the back of the room so you have to make up this invisible person that’s standing next or a wanna be theater kid will read with you and sing songs each line as if he’s in a broadway musical. The worst that student film makers do is when they don’t take you and they send this “break up letter”. It’s like: Dear ______, while we think you are incredibly talented we have decided to go in a different direction. Again we think you are a special special magical person filled with rainbows and blah blah blah. I find the whole thing rather condescending, I never plan on getting it. You saw 405 people today, 51 in my exact demographic so I get it, my life does not end with you and your short film about a guy who gets dumped and tries to get the girl back in the most melodramatic of ways. I know I sound horribly bitter but really I’m not, the same way we actors see a lot of awkward scripts and auditions they probably see a lot of awkward acting, from myself included. The whole thing is no unlike some awkward first sexual experience. By the way- I booked another role for a short shooting next month, sounds pretty cool, yay!

So there are those days. There’s also days when Guillaume and I shoot and they either end with us high in a ball of creative energy or us hating each others guts and thinking the other is an uninspired nit wit, most usually a combination of the two.

There are also meetings with other actors or industry people for coffees. Sending quick “keeping in touch” emails to people you once worked with. Editing demo clips. Learning lines. Looking for cheap props. Updating resumes. Brainstorming new clips. Trying to get the printer to work. Groundlings classes. Brazillian Jiu Jitsu class (never hurts to have skills). Guillaume and I also watch movies and shows, sometimes even ones we think are bad and analyze every micro second like we are the world police on acting violations, it gives one a wonderful and false sense of authority. We play room mate volleyball and argue over who’s hair is clogging the drain (despite living with three boys, five if you include the dogs, there is a lot of long hair going on around here).

Mostly right now I’m waiting for news from the manager. I’ll call her K.D. hence forth. She’s awesome and we’ve hung a half dozen times at this point and have become pretty good friends. She really wants to represent me but is the newest of the three associates and hasn’t yet pitched a new client yet. Especially one so “green”. She was planning on bringing me up last Friday but high drama in the office decided it wasn’t the right time. Fingers crossed for this week, in the mean time I’ll be salivating at the thought.



One Response to “A Day in the Life”

  1. lgsanibel@aol.com October 29, 2012 at 7:37 pm #

    K – you are a very gifted communicator in writing – actually in all ways – but you certainly know how to grip someone reading your posts.

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