New format, same love

21 Nov

Hi wonderful people of the world,
So my content is officially live at Kelsie and Guillaumes Travels
Which means I am a paid published writer and my writing might be slightly more sparse on here cause now I have “deadlines” and “assignments” and fancy things like that.
Anyways- it should be mostly the content of this blog, just a little jazzier and with better spelling. If you like it, please share it and follow it. It’s kinda a big deal for me.
PS- the “bio luminescence” are out of control out here in Los Angeles the last few days. Night beach runs with Yogi led us to waves exploding into magical fluorescent light. Amazing. Like watching a lightning storm or meteor shower. I never thought LA would be so in touch with nature but living near the Pacific ocean is like having a very wild, very vast, jungle in your backyard.
PPS- For those who subscribe to this blog: apologies for occasionally scraggly posts! Sometimes I have an incoherent piece in my “drafts” section that I accidentally publish while Im trying to work on it and thanks to the ease of digital information it gets emailed out to everyone before I have the chance to delete! Yikes! Working on it…


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