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A note on “Oopsies!” And other modes of embarrassment

27 Sep

This is what one gets for reading David Sedaris past bedtime and feeling huffy. Luckily I never had my pants pulled down to my ankles in the middle school Courtyard, but now I can at least relate.

Normally if I were to rant nonsensically, it would be on the street corner with a donations cup present or it would at least be very well written. This is what pains me the most about the previous post that was accidentally thrust into the public domain, I should have at least employed one of those measures!

Long story short, said post (which has since been deleted), was meant for a private blog of mine which is a combination of character sketches, short stories and personal musings strictly with no audience. It is a lose weave between fiction and a dramatization of true life events, kinda like what you might see on a crummy crime show reenactment.

I suppose every writer needs their verbal underwear hung out at one point so that the power of the internet can come crashing down on them and rake them flailing into the ocean and leave the residue of respect in their matted, seaweeded hair (see dramatization really is just in my nature). One click, and dear friends and upright citizens of the world are emailed on my behalf with no par for recourse… Yikes! Power realized!

All in all, incase you were slightly concerned that I am on drugs, the answer is no (at least not often) and as far as I know I haven’t developed early onset dementia (though considering the poor quality of my health insurance, the jury is still out on that one). I’m quite apologetic that I may have hoisted upon you such an unpolished piece of unfiltered rant but please don’t take it, or me, too seriously. I am most sorry to anyone I may have offended or caused concern, it was a private head fantasy meant for no audience. There is an embarrassingly little amount of true drama to report so besides my brain (which is often unruly) and throbbing embarrassment, I am surprisingly well.

On the bright side I must say, at least my last name isn’t Wiener! Hooray!