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Audition results

3 Oct

So far Southern California seems to fit like a glove. Even after living in seven different cities since my 18th birthday, there is no place like home, like the beach. So, after a morning of surfing, still high from the salty air we reached our computers to find out our audition results for Groundlings. By some random fluke of performance confidence I had managed to persuade the instructor that I had serious Improv skill. My two compadres, unfortunately, had no such luck. It’s amazes me how fickle this business is. I think there must be a direct correlation between your ability to tolerate rejection and your success. I felt a little guilty but I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t pleased that all the hard work is paying off.

I signed up for the next available class. Starting today, October 3rd. There are three levels to Groundlings. Most people end up having to repeat a level if they want to move up. But ifyou get through all three levels, you get a certificate that confirms you are ruler of the universe (at least that’s what I like to imagine). As for today, I just get an invisible pin that says “not too shabby” and that works plenty for me.

Auditioning for Groundlings

1 Oct

After my first not-so-epic audition, I decided to to heed some advice. I decided I really had to jump in and signed up to audition for Groundlings. This and UCB are the two best Improv schools in LA and possibly, the universe. There were only three audition spaces available for the next two moths so myself, Guillaume and one of our house mates Tad all signed up.
Luckily in Improv there is nothing to prepare because the auditions were the next day. We show up early and spend the next half an hour sitting in the theater lobby decorating our name tags and making terrible jokes to eachother trying to prove how witty we were.
The walls were adorned with photos of their students, including Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig in hilarious costumes and I cursed myself for not coming with a cape. We were led into an audition room where the class spent the next hour and a half being fabulously ridiculous (some more than others). The instructor would pair you into groups and tell you the relationship (i.e. step sisters) and give you an activity, sewing. Or he would give you an emotion, i.e. rage, and an occupation, pastry chef. And all simultaneously we would spew into monologues of rageful pastry chef. If you’ve never tried this before, you should. Just don’t be surprised when a neighbor tries to have you committed.
We cruised home in mild traffic in the lazy afternoon sun, each entertained by our private day dreams. The easy part was done, now we had to wait.

Practically locals

18 Sep


Head-shots & Cold-emails

18 Sep

So, I finally sucked up my ego and sent away my photo that most resembles a headshot-headshot, and my scrawny acting resume to a half dozen agencies.

Gui has been diligently compiling a master list of agency emails (he’s kind of a hoarder in that department), so I sent my “stuff” to just a handful of them (rightly assuming that I would fudge something up, I didn’t want to burn all my bridges at once), in the email equivalent to a cold call. I waited nonchalantly for a response, refreshing my email web browser every 30 seconds. Well, low and behold, I now have three appointments with agencies this week!! Good agencies!! I also learned a valuable lesson in that I NEED to get some good head-shots, ASAP. One agent threw a bit of a sass fit about my headshot, saying I was lucky he was in a good mood (I imagine him with his hand on his hip and finger in the air as he cyber-scolded me). Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely photo, but it’s black and white which is now very unfashionable and quite obviously not heinous enough to be a real head-shot (I swear head-shots can make even the biggest sex pistols look like big ole cheese balls). As one agent already notified me, the two things you do not spend frugally on as an actor are head-shots, and haircuts. Welcome to Hollywood. Eeek.