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Vague and irrelevant background information

3 Aug

Stop judging me blank page!

After a year and a half of acting classes, working (ah!), moments of loathing and of course having a ferociously fabulous time, my New York City relationship has ended. We will part ways on a good note, knowing we really had a beautiful thing going but frankly it wasn’t meant to be.

After a brief stint dealing with terrifically pretentious people in The Hamptons (no blankets, I’m sure there are some down-to-earth people hiding under their Range Rovers’ somewhere in the vicinity) Gilly (my Francois boyfriend of 5 years- whhhhattt??) and I decided to end our planned “summer in the Hamptons” and opt to fast forward our move to California (we have already been lolly-gagging for an embarrassingly long time anyways).

G (aka. Guillaume, Gilly, Gizmo, G etc.) Yogi dog and I will leave from New York City on August 13th where my trusty 08′ Jetta awaits) and we will hit the road with Yogi dog. For a two+ week road trip cross country before arriving in LA on September 1st.

We’ll post videos and clips of our adventures and sketch comedy series we’ve just started ( ). For the record, while we are already wickedly funny (…my mom told me so) we promise to get better and even more genius and entertaining as we progress and digress and figure out how to use the camera.

Kisses and snuggles to you world!