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Waiting in the hollyWoods.

27 Nov

One big fat fact of show biz, I’ve learned, is waiting. It’s become one of the very most significant features of my current life.

You have to wait to get auditions, wait in traffic on your way to your audition and wait at your audition. Then, you have to wait to hear back. Maybe you book it, and have to wait for the shoot date. When you get to the set you have to wait for your scene and wait for the the director to empty his memory card in the middle of your scene. Then you have to wait for the footage.

Yes there is stuff you can do between all the waiting, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are still waiting. It’s like being busy filing your nails in the grocery store line, or even reading a pretty intriguing magazine article in the doctors office, but still there is a little voice throwing verbal rocks at the back of your skull because your bleepin sick of waiting.

You also have to wait to find managers and agents.. You have to wait and see if they’ll respond to your gentle pestering. You have to wait to meet with them (…yes). When you do get an appointment to meet with them two months later, you’ll probably have to wait for them at lunch because they are important: and are allowed to be running late. After you meet with them, you have to wait for the answer. You have to wait to meet their list of demands (i.e. get better headshots, shrink two inches).

I know you’ve been waiting for the list of waiting to end for awhile now, and well, lucky for you, your wait has paid off. Now keep your fingers crossed for me !!

Actors Kool-aid

27 Oct

Oh Geeze- louise. Apologies for the coolness of this past week but I must be frank with you, I have another writing gig brewing. Eeeek! I feel pretty scandalous about the whole thing, but it has been pulling a bit of my attention. And now I’m all turned around, can I rehash material for one another? Do I write the same thing twice?? Do I neglect to inform my readers on one or the other end??? These are all very serious questions for a very newly published writer. In the meantimes while I figure out the dynamics of the new addition to my writing relationship, I will fill you in on the deets. It’s for a site called 10 Best and it’s pretty much what this blog is all about only… mildly more censored.

Phew- now that thats over. Tonight we are on our way to go see a friend of mine at Groundlings perform in an improv/sketch show. By we, I mean myself, my room-mates, my Guillaume and my friends K.D. and C.D. The show we are going to see is by a friend of mine from Groundlings named Eric L. coincidently we both went to University of Miami and while we never crossed paths in that sphere, well here we are now. I can’t tell you how much I love being peers to these incredibley talented wonderful people. I think maybe the sterotypes hold true and their are actors who are repulsed at the idea of being drowned around all this talent but frankly how much worse would it be if you were drowned in a puddle of untalented people?? It’s so inspiring to be studying with people that make you go “wow” and I have to say my class at Groundlings really does that.

Class is going well, it’s been a bit strange thought because our proffesor has been under going some health issues (after yesterdays surgery, he should be better though !) so we’ve had pretty much every different teacher at Groundlings. One of the founders, and some guy that I recognized as “the nicest guy in the world” from my brief affair with How I met your Mother. Just a lot of really swell people. Anyways, the class mates are awesome as well. Huge talent in the room and I feel like I’m making a lot of progress.

There is something really addictive and drug like about acting. You go through these bought of dormancy and waiting that make you want to scream with frustration and then auditions that have made me so freaking high I have cried after them- I know that sounds essentric but its true. Overall there is just a feeling of being so alive, even the lows, when they happen are comforting in their aliveness. Mostly though its the respect gathered from my peers and other actors that is so “inspiring” you just want to melt. There is always someone to blow your mind and those are the moments I am most happy to be alive, whether it’s by the awesome power of a wave, a snuggle fest with Yogi or an amazing performance of an actor. I’m completely electrified with potential and you might as well commit me into an assain assylym because I have drunk the actors kool-aid.