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Head-shots & Cold-emails

18 Sep

So, I finally sucked up my ego and sent away my photo that most resembles a headshot-headshot, and my scrawny acting resume to a half dozen agencies.

Gui has been diligently compiling a master list of agency emails (he’s kind of a hoarder in that department), so I sent my “stuff” to just a handful of them (rightly assuming that I would fudge something up, I didn’t want to burn all my bridges at once), in the email equivalent to a cold call. I waited nonchalantly for a response, refreshing my email web browser every 30 seconds. Well, low and behold, I now have three appointments with agencies this week!! Good agencies!! I also learned a valuable lesson in that I NEED to get some good head-shots, ASAP. One agent threw a bit of a sass fit about my headshot, saying I was lucky he was in a good mood (I imagine him with his hand on his hip and finger in the air as he cyber-scolded me). Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely photo, but it’s black and white which is now very unfashionable and quite obviously not heinous enough to be a real head-shot (I swear head-shots can make even the biggest sex pistols look like big ole cheese balls). As one agent already notified me, the two things you do not spend frugally on as an actor are head-shots, and haircuts. Welcome to Hollywood. Eeek.