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Hermosa Pier

4 Sep

The night we arrived we managed to summon enough energy from the full moon to walk down to the Hermosa Beach Pier. Besides making movies, sunshine and leftover hippie vibrations, we came to LA for the fish tacos. We feasted our eyes on the beach and the tanned and nearly nude volleyball players. There were some crazy people, for sure, but unlike New York crazy people they were nice, and happy! They mumbled sweet gibberish to Yogi and winked at him as they meandered by with their 40oz in tow. Tiny children glided on skateboards and people ate dinner in board shorts, not suits. For 30 bucks we had 4 pints of Blue Moon and two huge supplies of the freshest fish tacos our taste buds could handle, while Yogi got love from nearly everyone who passed by on the streets.