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Waiting in the hollyWoods.

27 Nov

One big fat fact of show biz, I’ve learned, is waiting. It’s become one of the very most significant features of my current life.

You have to wait to get auditions, wait in traffic on your way to your audition and wait at your audition. Then, you have to wait to hear back. Maybe you book it, and have to wait for the shoot date. When you get to the set you have to wait for your scene and wait for the the director to empty his memory card in the middle of your scene. Then you have to wait for the footage.

Yes there is stuff you can do between all the waiting, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are still waiting. It’s like being busy filing your nails in the grocery store line, or even reading a pretty intriguing magazine article in the doctors office, but still there is a little voice throwing verbal rocks at the back of your skull because your bleepin sick of waiting.

You also have to wait to find managers and agents.. You have to wait and see if they’ll respond to your gentle pestering. You have to wait to meet with them (…yes). When you do get an appointment to meet with them two months later, you’ll probably have to wait for them at lunch because they are important: and are allowed to be running late. After you meet with them, you have to wait for the answer. You have to wait to meet their list of demands (i.e. get better headshots, shrink two inches).

I know you’ve been waiting for the list of waiting to end for awhile now, and well, lucky for you, your wait has paid off. Now keep your fingers crossed for me !!

Head-shots & Cold-emails

18 Sep

So, I finally sucked up my ego and sent away my photo that most resembles a headshot-headshot, and my scrawny acting resume to a half dozen agencies.

Gui has been diligently compiling a master list of agency emails (he’s kind of a hoarder in that department), so I sent my “stuff” to just a handful of them (rightly assuming that I would fudge something up, I didn’t want to burn all my bridges at once), in the email equivalent to a cold call. I waited nonchalantly for a response, refreshing my email web browser every 30 seconds. Well, low and behold, I now have three appointments with agencies this week!! Good agencies!! I also learned a valuable lesson in that I NEED to get some good head-shots, ASAP. One agent threw a bit of a sass fit about my headshot, saying I was lucky he was in a good mood (I imagine him with his hand on his hip and finger in the air as he cyber-scolded me). Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely photo, but it’s black and white which is now very unfashionable and quite obviously not heinous enough to be a real head-shot (I swear head-shots can make even the biggest sex pistols look like big ole cheese balls). As one agent already notified me, the two things you do not spend frugally on as an actor are head-shots, and haircuts. Welcome to Hollywood. Eeek.

Vague and irrelevant background information

3 Aug

Stop judging me blank page!

After a year and a half of acting classes, working (ah!), moments of loathing and of course having a ferociously fabulous time, my New York City relationship has ended. We will part ways on a good note, knowing we really had a beautiful thing going but frankly it wasn’t meant to be.

After a brief stint dealing with terrifically pretentious people in The Hamptons (no blankets, I’m sure there are some down-to-earth people hiding under their Range Rovers’ somewhere in the vicinity) Gilly (my Francois boyfriend of 5 years- whhhhattt??) and I decided to end our planned “summer in the Hamptons” and opt to fast forward our move to California (we have already been lolly-gagging for an embarrassingly long time anyways).

G (aka. Guillaume, Gilly, Gizmo, G etc.) Yogi dog and I will leave from New York City on August 13th where my trusty 08′ Jetta awaits) and we will hit the road with Yogi dog. For a two+ week road trip cross country before arriving in LA on September 1st.

We’ll post videos and clips of our adventures and sketch comedy series we’ve just started ( http://www.youtube.com/user/Pugsarepeopletoo ). For the record, while we are already wickedly funny (…my mom told me so) we promise to get better and even more genius and entertaining as we progress and digress and figure out how to use the camera.

Kisses and snuggles to you world!