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The Best Western Town of Wyoming

26 Aug

Thursday morning we woke to the wonderful occasion that is Guillaume Campanacci’s birthday. Of course, that gives reason to forgo our usual breakfast of stale granola to a more sumptuous feast. After a bit of research we landed on Bakers Breakfast in the town of Custer. Over the door hung a nicely carved sign which informed us that

In this very location (once a saloon) in 1881, James Fowler, a.k.a. Fly Speck Billy, murdered Abe Barnes. Billy was later hung by a Mob.

We were obviously in the right place. We feasted on every type of homemade breakfast item imaginable, all for less than the price of a Manhattan cocktail.
Gorged, we waddled down the iconic little main street poking our heads in rock shops and boot stores. When we finally pulled ourselves away from this cutie-pie town, we got onto highway 16, a two lane road, and continued west. Real West. Cowboy land quickly unfolded before our eyes. We entered Wyoming. The dirt turned into a rusty-dusty-red and the sky turned from bright blue to a washed out grey. I got thirsty everytime I looked out the window.

We turned on the radio and, ah-ha! Just as we suspected… Country music. We drove through a small town that advertised 99 bananas for 14.99$ (not what I was expecting, but certainly some Cowboy boldness at work). We got chased by a beat-up white truck called “The Swamp Donkey”, it blew volcanic sized clouds of smoke
every time it revved it’s engine and it was determined to smoke us in the face. Of course our Western entrance should start with a chase.

The towns dwindled in size but increased with character. We stopped at a gas station where the cashier, smoking a cigarette, told us they didn’t take credit cards. It was all very OMG, in the best possible way. The street names were either something like dead horse creek or fast Indian hill . I squinted into the sun and did my best to ride my Jetta like a cowboy. We headed through the town of Buffalo and then on to the town of Sheridan,The Number One Western Town Of Wyoming , or so their welcome sign said. Earlier we had passed through the town of Upton and their welcome sign said The Best Town in the World, these cowboys really are bold. And I like it.

We checked ourselves into a Bed and Breakfast, on occasion of the birthday boy, and took the most magnificent showers. We even brushed our hair. We decided to explore town. Five minutes later we were done. Western towns, it turns out, really just have one street. Meanwhile, it was hot. Really hot. We needed ice cream, and fast. We started towards the local park, which was the only ice cream option. Six blocks later, in a state of semi-delirium, we made it. For 2.50$, we each had double scooped cones of homemade ice cream. We laid down in the grass and watched as a skinny kid with spiked hair circled around the park on his moped. 7 year olds squeeled as they jumped in the community pool and thirteen year old girls wearing lots of make-up looked bored as they braided eachothers hair, this was clearly the happenin’ place to be. We found the whole thing very exotic.

We decided to retire early with a bottle of sparkling wine (they only had one
type at the drive-thru liquor store, which makes life easier) and a movie, Cowboys vs. Aliens, which was also from a limited selection. It was grand. The whole thing was very exotic.