The closest I will get to my very own people’s choice award… This year.

15 Jan



Sunday Drum Circle on Venice Beach

21 Nov


The best part is the game between the police and the wild dancing heathens (I’ll let you guess which category I fall into) that starts up at sunset when it’s time to disband. Police start their sirens. Drive a little closer. Drummers start up in a beat in synch with the sirens. The dancing gets even more intense. The police drive a little
closer and “woot” their sirens a few more time. The heathens take this opportunity to dance in the police car headlights and start a new beat to match the “woots”. I think despite everyone’s airs, it’s the most symbiotic relationship between police and dancing hippies I have ever seen. Everyone seems to enjoy the ritual, the healthy version of checks and balances.


Snooze king

21 Nov


I thought I was the worlds best snoozer but turns out my room-mate, Chris, has yanked that trophy right from my hands


Tad Brown

3 Oct


This is Tad Brown. He is one of our room-mates and my good friend from highschool. That cape of gorgeous burnt red that is flying behind him in the salty sea air, is his hair.


BMX show on Venice Beach

2 Oct



Life on Venice Beach (so far)

12 Sep


So, now that finding a living space is over it means I actually have to do what I came here for. Not that I don’t want to, I’m just utterly terrified. It’s like this giant jig- saw puzzle that you just sat down at after waiting what feels like your whole life for, knowing everything but how to start. The fact that I have like .9% of the reccomended patience limit does not help. My frantic little gerbil brain is running full speed on one of those little gerbil wheels that goes something like; finding new agencies (new, good agencies) requires having a great resume and headshots, having a great resume and headshots requires doing work and knowing people, doing work requires an agency. Having an agency requires… You get the picture.
So I stare at the jig saw puzzle slowly trying to put together colors that are sort of relatively similar and hope that I’m making progress while remembering that if all else fails I can always shave the back of my head and get a tattoo on it.


The Boys & The Hollywood Hills

10 Sep

The Boys & The Hollywood Hills

Besides painting tiny toe-nails and absorbing a new environment, our week was consumed with “The Apartment Search”. Rarely is the apartment search a grand pleasure and when you have four young people with no current employment, two dogs, beach aspirations, and a limited wallet, finding some place that will take you, and some place that you want, can be challenging. Originally we thought we would want to live in Silverlake or West Hollywood but once you’ve been to the beach everything else sort of pales in comparison, at least for our free spirited troop. Our troop, by the way, consists of my appallingly sarcastic and dashingly handsome boyfriend, Guillaume, and two of my very favorite people and good friends from home, Chris Shin and Tad Brown.