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Buffalo Bills Casino (and “resort”)

2 Sep


After the shimmering lights of Vegas, we road silently in the dark. The plan was to camp in the Mojave desert which meant we wouldn’t reach our campsite for another two hours and it was already dark. G stopped the car to pee and was flocked by a heard of Mosquitos that then lingered in the car for the next 20 minutes. We were slapping ourselves in the face when we passed a city called Primm, all aglow with neon casino signs and the artificial promise of- fun! Buffalo Bills casino advertised very cheap rooms and had a roller coaster on the roof. In a moment of weakness we decided we would camp in the Mojave another day. We ate sandwiches and drank our last bottle of wine on the bed as we watched all the news of the world we had been oblivious to
for the last two weeks. Yogi meanwhile, spent two hours sniffing the room, which I found a bit disconcerting. We woke up and walked to a gas station to get some coffee and realized that in a 24 hour town 8am was still the late shift. We decided we needed to get out of this town.